Photo by Eduardo Kohn


WHEN: Thursday 18th March 2021 | 21.00 – 21.45
WHERE: The event will be live-streamed on Tlon’s Facebook Page

Forests think, concluded Eduardo Kohn, Associate Professor at McGill University, at the end of his 4-year fieldwork among the Runa people of Ecuador. Since then, Kohn made a commitment to holding open a space where forests can continue to think while confronting bureaucracies, land developers and exploitation. Tonight, he starts unravelling these claims with Andrea Colamedici, co-founder of TLON, in his first ever Italian appearance. The event leads up to the release of How Forests Think in Italian, published by nottetempo in July 2021 and available for pre-orders here.

What do legal concepts such as rights, territory and property come to mean if “nature” is no longer understood as an inanimate resource? Could it be that this new anthropology, focused on ethics beyond the human, could help us find a new direction of travel at a time when our current route is so clearly unsustainable? As the conversation flows from ethics to ontology, from thinking forests to manifesting spirits, the speakers will keep coming back to what it means to think and to be alive – taking forests as a source of guidance our times requires, not only as an object of concern.

Tonight is also the night we start thinking about alternatives: to ecologize our ethics, we need to fall back into the types of thinking forest makes manifest. On this point, Kohn is clear: the forest isn’t there to provide a moral code for living well. Rather, it expresses properties that can orient us if we learn how to listen and doing so requires some undoing.

In other words: tonight we get started.

The event is the third and last conversation of A Toolkit for the Future, a project in which Italian and Canadian creatives worked together to imagine a post-pandemic world based on new ethics and care. The project is supported by the Embassy of Canada to Italy and directed by Livia Filotico.


The event opens with Institutional Greetings by Alexandra Bugailiskis Ambassador of Canada to Italy.

Eduardo is an Associate Professor of anthropology at McGill University. He studies the intimate relationships that the indigenous people of Ecuador’s Upper Amazon have with one of Earth’s most complex ecosystems and translates his findings to protect the forest from roads and oil companies by working with spiritual and political leaders, activists and artists, governments and with forests themselves. Kohn’s vision of a forest world that is made up of “persons” who communicate with us and with each other, was brilliantly communicated in How Forests Think: an internationally acclaimed, prize-winning, book published in Italian for the first time by nottetempo in July 2021.

Andrea is a philosopher, founder of Tlon and creator of the Philosophy Festival. He is the author of “Get rid of the good girl” (HarperCollins, 2019), among others. He curated radio programmes on music and philosophy for RadioRock and RadioFreccia, wrote contributions for Linus, and created the podcasts Scuola di Filosofie and Audible Club for Audible. He is a public speaker and regularly hosts workshops in schools, brands and foundations, especially on performance anxiety, personal growth, education to emotions, hate speech, diversity management and philosophical tools to enhance creativity and the imagination.

Livia Filotico is a Creative Director, host and curator with over 10 years of experience first in London and now in Italy. She is the founder and Managing Director of IDA: Inclusion and Diversity Academy and the founder and Artistic Director of the London Moon Festival.

Come Pensano le Foreste will be published by nottetempo in July 2021
Translated by Alessandro Lucera and Alessandro Palmieri
You can pre-order Come Pensano le Foreste here

This conversation is possible thanks to the generous support of the Embassy of Canada to Italy