We work with people who share our values:

The people and organisations we associate ourselves with will determine what your idea becomes. A careful and pondered analysis of partnerships and funding pots is key to creating something you’re proud of all the way through.

Committing to researching and understanding your idea in depth before you bring it to the world. Some artists and activists call this process dreaming time. Some others research and development.

Empathy, kindness and intellectual rigour must go hand in hand to achieve the kind of change the world needs and your project is committing to bring into the world.

Change is a process. We will trip and fall but we will be there to pick each other up when that happens.

Jargon gets in the way of people talking to one another. When we use accessible language don’t assume we don’t know its more technical synonym.

I’m on board with all that but I’m still not sure you’re for me

We can help you if you want to build an idea from scratch and you need support to do it. Our favourite kind of ideas are political, complex and rather radical. They needn’t be big. As a matter of fact the best kind of ideas start very small and filled with meaning to the brim.

We apply the same rigour, care and focus to each and every project we take on board and our pricing fits the size of your organisation. We think it’s fair and, if you got here, we know you do too. Get in touch.  

Hang on, who are you again?

IDA was founded at the end of 2020 by Liv, a Creative Director and Producer living between Rome and London. Livia studied social anthropology and media at Goldsmiths University, founded a festival about the Moon with Margaret Atwood, revived the ancient art of oral storytelling with Words of Colour and Arts Council England, and created projects from scratch for the likes of Sport England, the London Mayor’s Office, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

In 2017 she became an Arts Marketing Association Audience Diversity Fellow for her work on diversity and literature, she trained in audience development with the UK’s most cutting edge fundraising agency, and regularly speaks in public about several humanities led fields of exploration. Her creative approach is grounded in social anthropology, communications, cultural history and western philosophy, all of which she calls upon to design and deliver content.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, Livia collaborates with people and institutions across disciplines and continents including anthropologists and artists, museums and activists, fundraisers and designers, strategists and cultural thinkers, artists and mediators, data scientists and entrepreneurs, writers and business executives, philosophers and psychologists. Depending on the size and needs of your project, we come together in different forms and shapes, on a project by project basis, to help you imagine and communicate change.  

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